ADEX2018 – Standing Tall On the World stage.

Jill Heinerth Opening the ADEX2018 TeKDive Conference.

Celebrating its 24th year as a dive extravaganza without equal, Singapore’s annual ADEX (Asian Dive Exhibition) Show has – like the literary character, Topsy – “just growed” to become a major player in the global promotion of diving.

Attracting an audience approaching 63,000 visitors over the course of this year’s three-day event (6 – 8 April) ADEX has, year by year, continued to add to its credibility as an internationally significant event that’s become THE focal point for Asia’s fast-growing dive industry.

Now on the threshold of its 25th anniversary as an event that has inspired, enthused and educated a generation on the importance of protecting and conserving the ocean’s diminishing resources, ADEX organiser, John Thet – the person who, for the past decade, has engineered and guided the event’s phenomenal growth – continues to build on an idea first given form by Asian Diver Magazine’s founder and original publisher, Rainer Sigel.

It’s a quarter-of-a-century that has witnessed profound – and mostly positive – changes in society’s attitude towards the oceans; an outcome that owes much to ADEX and the efforts of its organisers, Rainer Sigel and John Thet.

It’s also represents 25-years of personal memories and good times spent in the company of some of diving’s most accomplished, talented and knowledgeable practitioners.


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