Month: July 2014

What a Guy

First published in 1934 and widely regarded as the first book to popularise recreational snorkelling and scuba diving, Guy Gilpatric’s, “The Compleat Goggler”, concludes with, “Man, we reflected, has polluted the rivers, destroyed the forests, pitted the fields with high… Read More ›

Diving Knives

Diving without some sort of cutting implement is like eating fish and chips without the salt and vinegar. You can do without. But why try? An equipment item that usually receives low priority both in its selection and its maintenance… Read More ›

A Corkhead’s Chronicle

A Corkhead’s Chronicle: Experiences of a Royal Navy Clearance Diver 1955 – 76 By: David J Lott BEM A riveting page-turner, ‘A Corkhead’s Chronicle’ is an enthralling, warts-and-all account of one man’s life and experiences as a Royal Navy Clearance… Read More ›

Deep thoughts

If Archimedes had been taking a shower instead of a bath then it might have been centuries before somebody else came along and defined the principles of buoyancy. It was a random thought that popped into my head while I… Read More ›