Rule # 6: Always Look Good

Despite its outstanding pedigree, DIR (‘Doing It Right’) is a term that’s frequently misinterpreted by the diving community at large. A holistic approach to diving – one that puts equal emphasis on fitness, experience, attitude, teamwork, training and safety –… Read More ›

Rope Maintenance Techniques

A technique used to prevent a rope on, say, a dive boat from fraying and unraveling (and one that – especially in an age when ropes are increasingly constructed from man-made fibres – is sometimes superseded by simply melting and… Read More ›

Making a Heaving Line

Serving many purposes, a heaving line should be considered essential equipment on all dive boats. A light, flexible line that can easily be thrown with – after practice – great accuracy, a heaving line can be used as a messenger… Read More ›

Knot knowing: the basics

The ability to properly handle a rope or line is – or should be – an important aspect of diving, one that begins by having a fundamental knowledge of certain elementary knots and the purpose for which they’re used. Generally… Read More ›