Month: May 2023

M-24: On Eternal Patrol

The 31st May – as well as being the anniversary of the WWI Battle of Jutland – also marks the anniversary of the 1942 WWII attack on Sydney Harbour by three Japanese Midget Submarines. A little over 23-metres in length… Read More ›

The Safety-Catch

A concept that seldom receives the depth of thought that it deserves, ‘diving safety’ has, for some, become an almost meaningless term. For many people, of course, safety is never an issue.  Taught to believe that diving is, “safe, fun… Read More ›

Terry Cummins – Dive Educator

Some years ago, I interviewed, Terry Cummins – then still involved with PADI – on his thoughts about diving, and, more particularly, the diving industry.  Since then, he has added to his academic qualifiactions with a PhD. A person who… Read More ›