Sydney Down Under

As the tourism capital of Australia, Sydney’s reputation among international visitors lies more in the appeal of its theatres, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and casino than as a popular diving destination. And while no stay in Sydney would be complete without… Read More ›

The wrecks of Labuan

A rising star in the Asia-Pacific pantheon of wreck diving destinations, the small island of Labuan has emerged from the shadow of neighbouring destinations like Sipadan, Sangalaki and Layang-Layang, to set its own standard of diving excellence. Just eight kilometres… Read More ›

Minke magic

Cries of, “Thar she blows!” are dim echoes of the 1830’s when whaling was acknowledged as Australia’s first primary industry. An era when, from shore-side whaling stations established along the country’s eastern seaboard, catcher vessels would put to sea to… Read More ›