Month: May 2014

Weigh-2-Go: For the traveling diver

For those divers who, when traveling, prefer the convenience of using their own equipment, Zymurgy Inc., have developed a range of portable weights that won’t put your airline baggage allowance over the top. The brain-child of Zymurgy Inc.’s Junior Design… Read More ›

Think or thwim

An abstract concept that most divers claim to practice but one that they seldom think about in any depth, the phrase ‘diving safety’ is a classic example of an oxymoron. (For the benefit of those who believe that an oxymoron… Read More ›

The Mollusc Fu-2 Dive Computer

At the close of the first Tec-Asia Diving Conference – held in Singapore in 1996 – several of the speakers repaired to the Billiard Room bar of Raffles Hotel to enjoy a quiet drink. Inevitably, the conversation drifted towards technical… Read More ›