The Mollusc Fu-2 Dive Computer

Mollusc Fu-2 Dive Computer

Mollusc Fu-2 Dive Computer

At the close of the first Tec-Asia Diving Conference – held in Singapore in 1996 – several of the speakers repaired to the Billiard Room bar of Raffles Hotel to enjoy a quiet drink. Inevitably, the conversation drifted towards technical diving and the challenges that its future development posed to equipment manufacturers.

Inspired by the efforts of the bar staff, we decided to launch our own equipment manufacturing company that later became, Zymurgy Inc.; a word that, according to my battered copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as that, “branch of applied chemistry dealing with the science of wine-making, brewing, and distilling.”

Given that all of the company’s founders had, from the perspective of consumers, significant knowledge of all three aspects of that branch of chemistry, ‘zymurgy’always struck me as an appropriate name.

The ‘Mollusc Fu-2’:
A Revolutionary Advance in Dive Computer Technology.

Dive Computers have now come to be regarded as an essential equipment item. But despite advances in software technology – and the introduction of programmable computers – their functions, like their depth capabilities, remain fairly limited.

Adopting a lateral approach to design, the international consortium of dive technologists, Zymurgy Inc., (the same team who, earlier last year, launched the first Enriched Air Snorkel onto the world diving market), have developed a diving computer with ‘across-the-board’ applications.

Rugged and capable of operating effectively in water depths of 11,000 metres and beyond, the digitally-powered ‘Mollusc Fu-2’ is a fully programmable computer with adaptive features that allow it to be quickly customised to suit each users needs.

Once the operator has determined which algorithm best meets their requirements – taking into consideration temperature ranges, body weight, age, level of fitness, proposed rate of ascent and descent, maximum depth of water within a 2 km radius of the dive site, intended bottom time, gas mixture(s), and I.Q. – the necessary data is manually entered into the ‘Mollusc Fu-2’, using a unique ‘point-and-push’ manoeuvre.

Factors determined by pre-dive calculations enable the ‘Mollusc Fu-2’ to give a continual reading of gas uptake in nine separate, and individually selected, tissue compartments based on a correlation of time and the deepest point intended for the dive. The off-gassing process can be similarly displayed at any time during ascent by means of the simple data entry process.

A novel feature of the ‘Mollusc Fu-2’, is the low-profile data display. Unlike wrist or console mounted computers that rely on an LED screen, a characteristic that has severe limitations in a silt-out, the ‘Mollusc Fu-2’, provides an automatic tactile read-out of all functions. An attribute that allows it to be located anywhere on the user’s body that is within comfortable reach.

“The minimalist approach to design is central to this company’s philosophy.” Said David Strike, Zymurgy Inc.’s, International Marketing Director. “With the ‘Mollusc Fu-2’, we have created a maintenance-free dive computer that will find equal favour with military, commercial, technical and recreational divers.”

With a full lifetime warranty against mechanical failure and scheduled to come onto the market in the very near future, the versatile, ‘Mollusc Fu-2’ is expected to retail for less than the cost of a snorkel.


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