Month: February 2014

Ghost fishing

The following article is reproduced here by kind permission of the author, MICHAEL MENDUNO, and was first published in the Winter 2014 edition of ‘Alert Diver’ magazine. With a “vegan” patch on the right sleeve of her neon-green drysuit and… Read More ›

All are-bored!

It begins the moment that some people step across the gang-way of a live-aboard dive vessel; a character make-over that turns them from previously considerate and well-mannered divers into salty sea-dogs who – often without realising it – manage to… Read More ›

Simple Splices

Every working diver worth their salt should have a sound knowledge of rigging procedures and elementary knots and splices. While the ability to tie the appropriate knot in zero visibility; quickly splice a line to a shackle; or join together… Read More ›

Lighting up the night

As everyone who dives comes to realise, having even a rudimentary knowledge of the ocean’s bio-diversity is an asset – especially when it leads to an increased enjoyment of the activity. One of the great appeals of night diving is… Read More ›