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Diving since 1961 – with a background in military, commercial, recreational and technical diving – David Strike has dived extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region, has authored several hundred articles about diving, is the recipient of the ADEX ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for contributions to Technical Diving, a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York, and the former owner and organiser of the biennial OZTeK Technical Diving Conference and a regular speaker and presenter at regional and international diving events. He is presently engaged in producing a series of diving-related books.

  • How to Survive a Dive Show

    Surviving the annual crop of Dive Shows and attendant Conferences takes stamina: Keeping your workload to the minimum while managing to enhance your professional reputation requires finesse. Regular appearances at the international round of diving industry events have, for many… Read More ›

  • Send down a diver – Part Two

    Throughout the second half of the nineteenth and into the early years of the twentieth centuries, the pace in successful deep diving had been set by civilian divers such as Lambert and his contemporaries. Relying more on guts than on… Read More ›

  • Submarine escape

    Building on the lessons learned from the past, submarine disasters are now a rarity, but when they do occur the problem arises of what can be done to assist the crew. Because of possible damage to life support systems, time… Read More ›

  • Send down a diver – Part One

    The days of wooden ships and iron men may have faded from memory but the legacy of early attempts to rescue precious cargoes from sunken wrecks and to free the crews of sunken submarines lives on. Throughout the centuries the… Read More ›

  • Ghost fishing

    The following article is reproduced here by kind permission of the author, MICHAEL MENDUNO, and was first published in the Winter 2014 edition of ‘Alert Diver’ magazine. With a “vegan” patch on the right sleeve of her neon-green drysuit and… Read More ›

  • “I did it my ‘weigh’ “.

    Few of us pay as much attention to our diving health and fitness as we should. I made this discovery while looking into a dive shop window recently. With my nose pressed to the glass – and oblivious to everything… Read More ›