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Diving since 1961 – with a background in military, commercial, recreational and technical diving – David Strike has dived extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region, has authored several hundred articles about diving, is the recipient of the ADEX ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for contributions to Technical Diving, a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York, and the former owner and organiser of the biennial OZTeK Technical Diving Conference and a regular speaker and presenter at regional and international diving events. He is presently engaged in producing a series of diving-related books.

  • D-day ‘Frogmen’

    The first men ashore at ‘Gold’, ‘Sword’ and ‘Juno’ beaches on D-day, were divers of the Landing Craft Obstruction Clearance Units; a hundred and twenty ‘frogmen’ forming ten units (four from the Royal Navy and six from the Royal Marines)… Read More ›

  • Chariots of Fire

    Inspired by the successful 1941 attack (carried out by Italian divers riding ‘chariots’ armed with detachable explosive warheads) on the British battleships, ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and ‘Valiant’, in Alexandria Harbour, the Royal Navy began to devote greater resources to training divers… Read More ›

  • “The Third Man Factor”

    It’s not the sort of thing that people usually talk about, and in my case, it’s something that – at the risk of ridicule – I’ve confessed to very few, apart from my wife when I returned home on that… Read More ›

  • ‘Under Pressure’

    Encouraged by the comments of a former U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote that,   “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”, I have no hesitation in stating that Gareth Lock’s book,… Read More ›

  • Into The Planet: My Life As A Cave Diver – By Jill Heinerth

    Universally recognised as one of modern diving’s most gifted explorers – a person who, at an early age, gave up a lucrative career to follow that, “road less taken” – Jill Heinerth’s newly-released book, ‘Into The Planet: My Life As… Read More ›

  • Safety At Depth

    Regardless of depth, there’s no such thing as an ‘easy’ dive:  once a diver recognises that fact then many of the so-called ‘accidents’ that sometimes occur in deeper technical diving become avoidable.  Rather than being, ‘events without apparent cause’, incidents… Read More ›