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Diving since 1961 – with a background in military, commercial, recreational and technical diving – David Strike has dived extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region, has authored several hundred articles about diving, is the recipient of the ADEX ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for contributions to Technical Diving, a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York, and the former owner and organiser of the biennial OZTeK Technical Diving Conference and a regular speaker and presenter at regional and international diving events. He is presently engaged in producing a series of diving-related books.

  • Into The Planet: My Life As A Cave Diver – By Jill Heinerth

    Universally recognised as one of modern diving’s most gifted explorers – a person who, at an early age, gave up a lucrative career to follow that, “road less taken” – Jill Heinerth’s newly-released book, ‘Into The Planet: My Life As… Read More ›

  • Safety At Depth

    Regardless of depth, there’s no such thing as an ‘easy’ dive:  once a diver recognises that fact then many of the so-called ‘accidents’ that sometimes occur in deeper technical diving become avoidable.  Rather than being, ‘events without apparent cause’, incidents… Read More ›

  • The Wonders of Salvage

    Periodically, I make the decision to sell off all of the diving-related books, manuals and documents that I’ve acquired over many years.  It’s a ritual that involves taking them down from the book-shelf, blowing off the dust and then  taking… Read More ›

  • Bob Halstead – Adventurer

    Blessed with the pioneering spirit of a true adventurer, Bob Halstead’s many articles, books and underwater photographs have been instrumental in positioning Papua New Guinea as one of the world’s top diving destinations.  Raised and educated in England, he taught… Read More ›

  • Live-Aboards Of The Asia-Pacific

    Next year’s 25th Anniversary of Singapore’s annual ADEX Show – now a leading event on the diving industry calendar – also marks the anniversary of the launch of my first book : Live-Aboards  Of  The  Asia-Pacific “Believe me, my young… Read More ›

  • Legislating For Safety

    The basis of the new professionalism that crept into the occupational diving industry belonged to the discovery, during the late sixties, of huge oil and natural gas reserves in the North Sea. With demand for qualified divers to work on… Read More ›