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  • Peter Fields – Diving Explorer

    The following profile by Strike was first published in August 2005 in his on-line ‘Nekton’ Magazine. ______________________ Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Peter Fields’ early ambitions to be a military aircraft pilot were thwarted when, after taking flying… Read More ›

  • A Swan Song

    The 14th December marks the 19th anniversary of the first scuttling of a former RN Warship as an artificial reef: —————- Final preparations for the sinking of the former Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Escort, HMAS Swan, were completed a few… Read More ›

  • A Chat with Neil Vincent – Image Maker

    The interview that follows was first published in the on-line ‘Nekton Magazine’ in March 2004. ———————— A true diving adventurer and accomplished underwater photographer whose work is admired and respected around the world, Neil Vincent grew up in the tough,… Read More ›

  • Diving & The Media 10 – Managing Post-Incident Stress

    The following is an additional extract – an appendix – taken from the manual, ‘Diving & The Media: A Survival Guide’, that I completed in 1999 and whose purpose was to help dive industry professionals deal more effectively with negative… Read More ›

  • “For Safety’s Sake …Oh!”

    Back in the not-too-distant past, a good dive watch was much more than just a functional piece of bling.  It was also a status symbol that marked the wearer as a serious – and experienced? – diver. On occasions, it… Read More ›

  • The Deep Scattering Layer

    First noticed during the latter stages of the Second World War when hydro-graphic survey ships equipped with echo sounders showed a ‘phantom seabed’ appearing on the graphs, the Deep Scattering Layer (DSL) often appeared many hundreds of fathoms above that… Read More ›