Diving Destinations

Survival of the fittest

Had recreational diving been an option when Charles Darwin set out aboard ‘HMS Beagle’ on his ground-breaking scientific voyage of discovery, then there’s a very real possibility that he may have scrapped the whole notion of natural selection and the… Read More ›

The problem with penguins

It might be the little things in life that matter, but it’s the big things that get our attention. Take whales, for example. Weighing in at a whopping 60,000-plus kilograms, (that’s about 132,000 pounds for the metrically challenged) the mighty… Read More ›

Sydney Down Under

As the tourism capital of Australia, Sydney’s reputation among international visitors lies more in the appeal of its theatres, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and casino than as a popular diving destination. And while no stay in Sydney would be complete without… Read More ›