Underwater photography

Manual Dexterity

Hanging on my office wall is a framed copy of The Times newspaper dated Thursday, November 7th 1805, carrying the first reports of the Battle of Trafalgar fought off the Spanish coast on the 21st October of that same year;… Read More ›

Think or thwim

An abstract concept that most divers claim to practice but one that they seldom think about in any depth, the phrase ‘diving safety’ is a classic example of an oxymoron. (For the benefit of those who believe that an oxymoron… Read More ›

Sharks in the Soup

I may not have had much practice in self-denial, but I’ve found it remarkably easy to follow the suggestions of concerned lobbyists by saying, ‘NO!’ to shark fin soup. At a personal level it hasn’t been much of a sacrifice,… Read More ›

The Cold War

It’s easy to tell the seasoned travellers aboard an aircraft; they’re the ones who, when the captain announces, “Cabin staff close all doors and cross check.”, immediately begin reading a book or magazine, studiously ignore the safety briefing, and only… Read More ›