“I’m A Diver”

The broken recording … that belonged to my grand-father (on right of pic)

Dating back to an age when divers enjoyed celebrity status, “I’m A Diver” is an old music-hall song celebrating the independent life of a diver.

A little less than a hundred years ago scratchy sound recordings were at the cutting edge of technological achievement. Sadly, those early gramophone records weren’t renowned for having crystal-clear quality of sound. Neither was the brittle material used in their construction designed to stand up to rough handling.

Fortunately, I’d made a recording of one of my grand-father’s old records before I dropped and broke it. (And rather than see it forgotten and thrown away, I thought that some people might enjoy listening to it.)

And big thanks to Hyuu Prtr for kindly putting the lyrics onto song-boards for anyone tempted to join in on the chorus.

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