Dining With Divers: Tales from the Kitchen Table

”From the first nail-biting story of up-close encounters with crocodiles to the last heart-warming description of how to make Pecan and Pear Bread by first growing a pear tree, Dining with Divers had me hooked from the first dip. Simon Pridmore and David Strike honour their fellow divers in this uplifting compilation of stories from the depths and recipes shared, making it not only a good read but a book to be revisited again and again.”

Monica Tindall – Editor, The Yum List

It’s often said that the next best thing to being underwater is being able to talk about it.  And there’s no better time or place to do this than when seated around a table sharing good food and wine with a group of like-minded friends for producing stimulating conversation and wonderful stories that become the catalyst for new diving adventures. 

In Dining with Divers – Tales from the Kitchen Table, Simon Pridmore and David Strike invite an international cast of divers to join them at their metaphorical table to share a favourite recipe and the story of a memorable dive.

The personalities who contributed to this project are a cross-section of the professional scuba diving world. And while Simon and David knew that divers generally love to eat, they didn’t expect to find that quite so many had such impressive culinary skills. The dishes they propose vary from cookouts to curries, from Thai salad to Flemish stew and from jellied eels to vegan cupcakes: there really is something for everyone. The personal accounts of underwater adventure range from discoveries of unknown shipwrecks to exploration in iceberg alley and encounters with big animals: each dive is a delight.

”Anyone who has ever sat around a table with a bunch of divers, right after they get out of the water, will know that the word “dining” is something of a misnomer. “Gorging” would be better description of the vast, rapid intake of calories taking place. Divers DO love their food, and this book harnesses their passion for both the water and culinary worlds. This compilation of exploits underwater and at the stove stands tall amongst the many books by and about divers – as something entertaining, useful and memorable. Well done!”

      – Rainer Sigel, Founder of Asian Diver Magazine and ADEX: now co-owner of Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse

Paperback 270 pages: Kindle Edition File Size:  128638KB

Published by Sandsmedia / Createspace: Sold by: Amazon Worldwide

Language: English: ASIN: B0792RPXVB: ISBN-10: 1981262024: ISBN-13: 978-19812620121

‘Dining with Divers’, is available from Amazon stores worldwide in paperback and e-book versions.  It is also on sale on iTunes … and with around 200 images, it looks GREAT on an iPad.


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