Counterstrike And Other Musings

I’m rather pleased, proud and flattered to see that a collection of my Counterstrike” columns that appeared in Asian Diver Magazine during its early years, are now available as a book in either a kindle or soft-cover print version via Amazon, as “Counterstrike And Other Musings”. 

With an irreverent take on sometimes-serious diving issues – ranging from training and practical diving techniques, through to marine conservation, equipment and safety – it is easier to introduce this book by telling the potential reader what it is NOT about.

Although it contains elements of diving’s past, it’s not a history book.  Nor is it about: underwater photography, technical diving, health & fitness, physics, philosophy, equipment, training programmes, dive travel, marine life, the environment, political correctness, or any of the other topics covered in its pages.  Neither is it intended to be critical of divers who, having given considerable thought to their own practices, advance our better knowledge of diving.

It is, in fact, nothing more than a collection of light-hearted commentaries peopled with largely fictitious characters.  However, should the reader discover a little of themselves in the book’s pages then it may well be time to give serious thought to those diving manuals gathering dust on their bookshelves.

And that’s one of the great paradoxes of diving: That those who get the most fun and enjoyment out of the activity are usually those people who take it the most seriously.

“CounterStrike And Other Musings” is available on Amazon USA at:

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