‘Technically Speaking’ – by Simon Pridmore

Offering an engaging, beautifully written, and meticulously researched insight into the phenomenon of Technical Diving, and its impact on a single decade of diving’s evolving history, Simon Pridmore’s new book, ‘Technically Speaking’ is an outstanding tour de force from one of modern diving’s most accomplished practitioners and best-selling authors.

In a series of eleven ‘talks’ focussed on the years from 1989 to 1999 – a period that the author describes as marking the Genesis and Exodus of technical diving – the book details the actions and initiatives of a small handful of far-sighted individuals who challenged the established order of recreational diving, and who, in doing so, paved the way for revolutionary changes in the way that sport diving is conducted and taught.

From its origins as an outlaw diving activity (one whose proponents were actively reviled by many in the mainstream training organisations on the grounds that their diving practices were foolish, unnecessary, and unsafe) to its present status as a place where all the cool kids and equipment junkies hang out, technical diving’s widespread acceptance and growth owes everything to the golden years so vividly described in the eleven, ‘Technically Speaking’, talks.

Talks that range from the archaeological and scientific urge to explore beyond the depth limits then imposed by training organisations; to the introduction of gas mixes other than air – nitrox, heliox and trimix – that would allow longer no-decompression bottom times, as well as safer and deeper explorations; and – perhaps more importantly as far as technical diving was concerned – the increased interest in the virtues of rebreather technology; machines formerly regarded as being beyond the scope and purpose of recreational diving but whose growing use added a fresh dimension to deep diving exploration and discovery.

Charting – from 1989 to 1999 – the growth and development of an aspect of diving that ranks as one of the most important in the entire history of underwater developments – and with comprehensive and detailed appendices – Simon Pridmore’s, ‘Technically Speaking’ breaks the mould of dry-as-dust historical reference works.  It’s an exciting page-turner that sets the record straight on many of the myths and misconceptions that continue to surround the development of technical diving; and that does so in a style that’s as gripping as a best-selling thriller.

In short, it’s a book for the ages; a reference work peopled with many of modern diving’s characters, and one that deserves a place on the book shelf of everyone who dives.


Available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle e-book versions from Amazon, and other online bookstores, read more about, ‘Techniaclly Speaking’ at:  https://simonpridmore.substack.com/…/technically…


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