The problem with penguins

It might be the little things in life that matter, but it’s the big things that get our attention. Take whales, for example. Weighing in at a whopping 60,000-plus kilograms, (that’s about 132,000 pounds for the metrically challenged) the mighty… Read More ›

Manual Dexterity

Hanging on my office wall is a framed copy of The Times newspaper dated Thursday, November 7th 1805, carrying the first reports of the Battle of Trafalgar fought off the Spanish coast on the 21st October of that same year;… Read More ›

What a Guy

First published in 1934 and widely regarded as the first book to popularise recreational snorkelling and scuba diving, Guy Gilpatric’s, “The Compleat Goggler”, concludes with, “Man, we reflected, has polluted the rivers, destroyed the forests, pitted the fields with high… Read More ›

Deep thoughts

If Archimedes had been taking a shower instead of a bath then it might have been centuries before somebody else came along and defined the principles of buoyancy. It was a random thought that popped into my head while I… Read More ›