Buoyancy Control

Deep thoughts

If Archimedes had been taking a shower instead of a bath then it might have been centuries before somebody else came along and defined the principles of buoyancy. It was a random thought that popped into my head while I… Read More ›

Missile Fins

Power When You Need It Most Most divers have found themselves in a situation requiring unusual reserves of energy. It may be when swimming into a current; positioning an anchor; assisting a distressed diver, or during a long surface swim… Read More ›

Weigh-2-Go: For the traveling diver

For those divers who, when traveling, prefer the convenience of using their own equipment, Zymurgy Inc., have developed a range of portable weights that won’t put your airline baggage allowance over the top. The brain-child of Zymurgy Inc.’s Junior Design… Read More ›

Getting Wrecked

Considered by some to be the ultimate diving challenge, the wrecks and remains of sunken vessels hold a fascination all of their own. Leaving to one side concerns about the rights and wrongs of removing artefacts from wrecks, there’s a… Read More ›

I wish I’d said that

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that diving’s meant to be fun and something to be enjoyed. Particularly when you find yourself trapped in the confines of a small dive boat with a group of people who attract misfortune, and who… Read More ›