commercial diving

Dive ‘talk’ – manual signals

Although never, ‘The Silent World’, the physical limitations of a water environment continue to pose problems for divers intent on communicating effectively with their companions, or with the surface. While advances in surface-to-diver, diver-to-diver voice communications systems have had an… Read More ›

The Cold War

It’s easy to tell the seasoned travellers aboard an aircraft; they’re the ones who, when the captain announces, “Cabin staff close all doors and cross check.”, immediately begin reading a book or magazine, studiously ignore the safety briefing, and only… Read More ›

Rope Maintenance Techniques

A technique used to prevent a rope on, say, a dive boat from fraying and unraveling (and one that – especially in an age when ropes are increasingly constructed from man-made fibres – is sometimes superseded by simply melting and… Read More ›

“Shape up or ship out”

In successfully distancing recreational diving from the military-style teaching methods of yesteryear, the training organizations seem to have overlooked the economic potential of ‘boot-camp’ style fitness programmes that emphasise the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy. For the benefit of those… Read More ›